Game Night is a Big Deal…and SO FUN!

By Donica Flint

I’ve never been much for board games or for games in general, so it makes perfect sense that I’d volunteer to run Game Night, right?

Game Night is about Fun, Food, and Friends with a side of Games, particularly interactive games…we’re not playing “Monopoly” at my house, ladies. Just since February, we have found great success with “Picture Telephone” and “Cards Against Humanity”… there is no better way to bond with a group of new ladies than to see how they think, draw and choose inappropriate answers to a card game!  9 times out of 10 any singular answer to CAH can turn into an in depth conversation when you have lawyers, designers, teachers, bankers…basically about 12 very intelligent women… sitting at one table.  Every now and again we throw in Catchphrase, Scattergories, and Pictionary just to keep spicing things up.

We’re also into food and making dinner.  Between Cherie Kesler and myself there’s pasta, tacos, pizza, GOAT CHEESE, some kale salad, and I really love it when Lynn Anderson brings brownies. (Hint- if you bring treats, we tend to get giddy)  As you become a Game Night regular you will know what to expect and will find yourself texting or emailing to know what the dinner theme is so you can coordinate your snack or beverage.

We’ve been mixing things up lately this summer!  We had a Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville Night in June.  Jenn Smist rocked Pictionary that night; her brain moves like lightning.  We brought out the Bags (Cornhole) in August to prep for tailgate season, and in September we had a great night painting at The Art Party Studio. I was excited to see both new members Along with some active members there for their first time. It looks like many of them will be returning in October.

And coming up in October we will be doing A Pumpkin Carving night.  Is this a game?  Yes!  Someone will win a prize for best pumpkin and we will be mixing in some adult themed Halloween games into the evening as well.  There are already 18 people signed up and we are expecting some great photos tagged to #JLCU

Game Night has become a fun way for JLCU members, new and seasoned, to meet new people, connect with members and friends, and have a fun night “out”.  We all want our experience in League to be complete with social interaction and bonding, and that’s what Game Night is all about.  The more fun you have with your fellow members, the more you will enjoy being involved in all aspects of league.

Game Night is always the 3rd Thursday of the month unless it has to change for a holiday or work related travels.
You will always find what we are doing and where we are doing it in the Tuesday Tidbits.
The evening starts around 7 pm, but we usually dine and socialize first and then enjoy games, snacks, drinks and chatting for the rest of the evening.  Join us, bring your friends and get ready to have a blast!


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