“Shining Star” Awarded to Deserving Members at October General Member Meeting

Several wonderful JLCU members were given the “Shining Star Award” for their outstanding contributions at our October General Member Meeting this past week.

Jessie Riley, who was nominated by Laura Gerhold,  went above and beyond this month as JLCU counts down the final weeks leading up to our Festival of Trees Event.  According to Laura, “Jessie stepped in and helped to complete some last minute tasks which were vital.  She was more than willing to help, and did so with amazing results.”

Tiy Goddard nominated all four members of the Public Affairs and Advocacy Committee.  Congratulations to Vaneitta Goines, Katie Bourbeau,  Monica Hillison, and Laura Walsten for the important work they have been doing leading up to election day, November 4th.  As Tiy noted, The Public Affairs and Advocacy Committee is responsible for encouraging Junior League members to be informed, active citizens and helps to frame the public issues which affect our community.  They have been very proactive this year in creating momentum for our league to make a difference in legislature that affects our mission.

Congratulations to this month’s “Shining Star Award” recipients!


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