JLCU Represented in the CU Schools Foundation Annual Adult Spelling Bee

by January Boten

On Saturday November 8, I was able to represent JLCU at the CU Schools Foundation Annual Adult Spelling Bee.  It was a blast.  Our team consisted of myself, Cleda Wang and Andrea Fain.  We were excited when we arrived to see all of the other teams in their fun costumes ready to compete.  We were in the second round of spellers so we were able to walk around and see how the bee would work.

While we were walking around and people would find out we were from JLCU they were so excited to see us.  Several teachers told us about how much of a benefit our Junior League locker is to them.  Another teacher told us about how she attends the Festival of Trees each year and one year won a Gingerbread House that she brought to her school for the kids to enjoy.

When it was finally our time to spell we were nervous!  However, we kept getting words that we could spell and before we knew it we had won our “Swarm” and were moving on to the finals.  The finals were exciting because we were announced with all of the other Swarm winners and had to spell our words up on the stage with everyone in the room watching.  We made it through the first few rounds, but were eventually eliminated with the word “innards.”

The spelling bee was an amazing experience and it was made even more fun by being able to represent our organization and hear how much we mean to the teachers in our community.


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