November is Filled with Shining Stars!

by January Boten

The following members were honored at the November General Member Meeting with a “Shining Star” Award!

Congratulations Christina Paunicka!
Christina is on the Festival of Trees committee and has been willing to not only take on additional tasks when asked, but she has actively gone out seeking additional businesses in the community without being asked.  She has secured additional items from places we have never asked from and all because she has seen the need.  Christina contributed to the overall success of our Festival of Trees.

Congratulations Ashley Morgan!
As a League Locker committee member, she is very proactive in attending the store shifts and going above and beyond to keep things running smoothly.
She brought that same level of commitment to the communications council, by keeping the team informed of all League Locker updates and being available to help keep our social media current.  In fact, she was more than willing to use her media industry access to promote League as much as she could.  Not because she was asked to, but because she was genuinely excited to share all the great things that League is doing.

Congratulations Kelli Berry, Caitlin Drake, Julie Knott, Katie Madigan, Jami Tanner, Bridgette Thompson, and Joanna Willis!
The Bright Starts assistant chair and committee members have shown incredible enthusiasm and dedication to making the first year of Bright Starts of successful.. Their professional experience, volunteer background, overall knowledge, and most importantly, their desire to see the first year of this project build a strong foundation for Junior League to make a difference for young children and the families in our community is inspiring. They have devoted energy to raising awareness in the community, creating relationships with other organizations, creatively responding to budget requirements, anticipating and responding to programming challenges, and developing a strong first year project. Every member has actively participated in meeting, planning, and executing each and every session. They have stepped up to fill roles, helped and supported each other, and worked together as a team. The commitment and generosity they have shown to each other, to league, and to the community with their time and efforts are hallmarks of the Junior League spirit.