January General Meeting

Were you unable to make it to the General Meeting on Tuesday, January 20th? This is what you missed:

IMG_1965The evening started off with a provocative Community Panel on “A Conversation about Advocacy” with panelists (Starting on the right) Lynn Stuckey, a Unit 4 School Board member, Kerris Lee from Storyboard Café Inc., Cris Vowels, Principal at Urbana Early Childhood School, and Danielle Wilberg from My Super Marketer. We learned about the roles that each panelist plays in our community, how we can work together, and what we could learn from one another.

Principal Cris Vowels shared her thoughts on how JLCU’s mission statement is a great way to start advocating for funds to support Early Childhood Education. She mentioned that for every dollar spent on preschool, $7-$14 dollars come back into the community through a reduced need for spending on other services. This is a great way for Junior League to promote our new project Bright Starts and to get more funding to help this project develop and grow. Danielle Wilberg continued on about the next steps to advocate for preschool and to think about the larger picture. “You do not want to get pigeonholed into only one statement.”

Kerris and Lynn left us with great motivational pieces about how perseverance is key and not to be afraid to be the one to take the lead.

After the community panel we heard from Paula Massey from International Hospitality Committee. The International Hospitality IMG_1966Committee (IHC) is a volunteer organization founded in 1952. IHC offers programs to help international University of Illinois students, faculty, staff and their families during their stay in the Champaign-Urbana community. The goals of the IHC are to promote an enjoyable experience for international visitors, to facilitate their adjustment to their new environment, to aid them in improving their English skills, and to encourage understanding and friendship between local residents and people from other countries. This also benefits you and your families in broadening their experience with other cultures and languages. For more information about IHC you can go to their website http://www.isss.illinois.edu/involved/intl_hospitality.html.


We finished the evening off with the announcement of our Shining Star Award. Ashley Miller (New Member) nominated by Meghan Fisher (New Member)

Ashley took the lead on putting together the Princess Package to be auctioned off at the upcoming Gala event. As part of the team who is helping gather donations, I have been thoroughly impressed by Ashley’s organization and responsiveness throughout this process. Any time I have reached out to Ashley she is very quick to respond, and provide even more information than asked. I’m so thankful she is leading this, and her hard work deserves to be recognized!

We hope you will be able to join us for the next General Meeting on February 17 at the Champaign Public Library.


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