JLCU March Madness!

March Madness means different things to different people. Sure, there’s basketball, but the madness of March hardly ends there. We have the madness of the never-quite-ending winter (which seems to finally be on its way out), getting ready for a much-needed Spring Break, and of course, the balance of the last months of the JLCU year for our members.

The March General meeting is always packed with great information. If you were with us, thank you for making the time. If you missed the meeting, here’s a little about what happened:

• We slated our placement advisors for the 2015-16 year, including an additional spot to help meet the needs of the new member class for 2014-15
• We activated 33 new members
• Completed a DIAM for Daily Bread Soup Kitchen (don’t fret if you missed it…we will collect more fresh fruit for this worthy community partner at the April meeting with another DIAM)
• Heard an update from the Public Affairs and Advocacy Committee- If you want to read more about this important committee’s work, we will be posting details soon.
• Awarded three CAF grants
o $400 to the Reading Group to purchase books for children reading below their grade level
o $950 to the Dream Girls Academy Inc. for curriculum assistance for girls (6th grade and up) to foster life-ling learning and the prevention of domestic violence and child abuse
o $140 to Girls On The Run (part of the Stephens Family YMCA of Champaign) to purchase books about life skills for girls (grades 3rd-6th)
• Hosted the Spring Council meetings, which included a chance to talk about what goals the Councils want the Management Team to consider when outlining goals for 2015-16
• General announcements included information about:
o Juleps & Jockeys, the 3rd annual Kentucky Derby event, Saturday, May 2nd at Jupiters at the Crossing – Tickets on sale now! $25 ($30 at the door)
o Congratulations to the Fundraising Committee for all their hard work – we are getting closer and closer to our goal! We are especially proud to share the Gala committee spent well below our $.28 per $1 – going to great lengths to keep costs down and still hosting a great Mardi Gras Gala!
o The proposed volunteer package for 2015-16 – a few changes for sure – check in with your advisor to make sure you know what your requirements will be next year
• Shining Star for March, 2015 – Congratulations to Fundraising Chair Jennifer Large!

The April meeting (which promises warmer weather, right?) will be Tuesday, April 21st at the Champaign Country Club at 7 pm! See you there!The April meeting (which promises warmer weather, right?) will be Tuesday, April 21st at the Champaign Country Club at 7 pm! See you there!


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