Call to Action for the IL Child Care Assistance Program – ACT NOW!

ACT NOW – Contact your local rep in support of SB 570 before it goes to a vote on Thursday

Public Affairs & Advocacy/SPAC recently addressed the impact that lack of funding to the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) would have on women and families throughout IL. We sent letters to our representatives urging them to continue financial support of this state program.

On July 1, 2015, Governor Rauner used emergency rules to enact harmful changes to the CCAP, which is an invaluable work support and school readiness program for thousands of Illinois families.

SB 570 is a bill that will amend the Illinois Public Aid Code to not only reverse some of the harmful changes to CCAP put into place through emergency rulemaking, but also to provide families with necessary protections against short-sighted cuts to this vital program.  This month, the House voted on SB 570 Amendement #1. The bill needed 71 votes to pass, but it was one vote short, with 70 Democrats and no Republicans voting to pass the bill.

This Thursday, September 24th, the Illinois House of Representatives will be back in session and have another opportunity to vote on SB 570 to reverse the changes to CCAP.

Affordable early child care options are critical for women and families, especially women who are trying to continue their education or are working on their own to support their families. It also can have a great impact on school readiness for children who may be denied these services, if these changes are implemented.

We encourage you to read the background information on CCAP and SB 570 and let your legislators know your thoughts about how this bill would impact the lives of women you know in the Champaign-Urbana area.  It there are areas of the bill where improvements are needed, please provide that information to your legislators as well. Please take action on this important issue by Thursday, September 24th!

 *Updates and Info on SB570 were provided by: Illinois Action for Children
 *This link provided by Illinois Action for Children can help you contact your local rep:  Advocacy Action Center- Contact Your Representative
Thank you, Public Affairs & Advocacy/SPAC

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