Promise Healthcare

Promise Healthcare is dedicated to improving the health of the community through treatment, prevention, and education. They
deliver primary medical, behavioral health, and dental services to the underserved through Frances Nelson, SmileHealthy dental programs, and satellite clinics. These services are offered to patients regardless of their ability to pay. Promise Healthcare is a growing family practice clinic serving patients of all ages from prenatal care to chronic disease. Forty to Fifty new patients
establish care with Promise every week. Some of Promise Healthcare patients have shared their stories about other services that Promise provides:
-Josefina had lost five babies to uncontrolled diabetes in the first trimester before she received help from Promise Healthcare. “I really believe that my baby would not be here if it wasn’t for Promise Healthcare,” said Josefina in an interview. She was able to get her diabetes under control and now has a 4 month old baby girl.
– Anne was struggling with her mental and physical health. She felt like there was no help in a doctor’s office, that she was nothing more than a patient in a waiting room. Anne began visiting Promise often and now believes “The care you get at Promise Healthcare is top quality. It is better than anywhere else I have visited.”
– Pam’s son had an abscess tooth that he had gone t o the emergency room 3 times and was still not relieved of the pain. “My son lost 20 pounds because nothing was being done for his tooth. When I told Dr. Derum she helped me get him in for an
emergency appointment at SmileHealthy. He now has gained the weight back and feels much better.”
Changing lives like these are only possible through community awareness and support. This care is only possible through community investment. 13% of Promise’s funding comes from a federal grant. 60% from patient insurance and fees. The balance of Promise’s funding is donated by community members, organizations, and grants. Promise Healthcare can make great use of donations, in-kind support, and ongoing volunteers. Contact Megan Casey, Development and Marketing Coordinator for Promise Healthcare to learn how you can help changes lives at (217) 403-5427 or
Follow the link for tickets and more information: 2nd Annual Gala and Fundraiser Performance and Reception