A new program to help girls achieve their goals is coming to central Illinois. Girls Go For It kicked off at Carrie Busey Elementary School this fall.

The free, after-school program is designed to help students develop confidence, recognize their leadership abilities, and explore career opportunities by making a road map to success. The program is hoping it’ll inspire more women to reach higher in their professional lives as they grow up.


Pew Research finds that women only make up 5% of CEOs in the nation’s Fortune 500 companies, 20% of senators are women, and 19% of representatives in the House are women. Although women are making gains in these fields, it’s been slow. Girls Go For It founders say one reason is because many girls lose confidence early in their academic careers and that impacts their decisions later on. A recent survey from Girl Scouts of America shows nearly 40% of girls reported feeling discouraged or put down, especially by their friends or classmates, when trying to lead. Girls Go For It is trying to address that by helping girls gain the confidence to reach their professional goals.

To learn more about the program, watch the interview here: Girls Go For it Interview 

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