JLCU October General Membership Meeting Recap


img_9025Junior League of Champaign-Urbana (JLCU) changed meeting locations this month and convened at the Urbana Early Childhood School – the location of JLCU’s Bright Starts program!  Principal Vowels left a note thanking JLCU for their “unwavering support of early childhood education” and stated that JLCU’s commitment “not only has an immediate effect but will benefit the community in the future.” 

JLCU Member Vote

JLCU started the meeting with a vote to approve an update to PAM 5.1.A.  This revision was necessary to align with a revision previously voted on by the Board of Directors which changed the timing of Project Development presentation from the September General Member Meeting (GMM) to the October GMM and the vote on Project Development proposals from the October GMM to the November GMM.  The revised PAM 5.1.A shall read: “All projects shall be approved by the membership at the November GMM.  Prior notice shall be given and absentee ballots allowed.


JLCU Gives Back/Done in a Meeting

This month, JLCU members brought used books for Orphans Treasure Box to be distributed to local organizations supporting orphans, adoptive families, and vulnerable kids.  Orphans Treasure Box has a new initiative called ReStart, which is designed to create opportunities for homeless single moms in need by providing part-time positions in a supportive and encouraging environment.  More details can be found at

Members also brought wine donations for the Festival of Trees wine tree.

Council Updates

CAF Grant Awards for the fall were given to the following organizations:

  • $420 to The Reading Group for new assessment kits
  • $290 to Garden Hills Homework Club for new books for the program
  • $290 to Girls Go For It for next year’s program
  • $200 to Developmental Services for sensory items for therapy
  • $100 to Crisis Nursery for large print stories
  • $200 to Carrie Busey PTA for science night
  • $250 to Champaign Unit 4 for books for REAL men READ Initiative

Finance Council VP, Allie Teagarden, gave a fundraising update.  The That’s What She Said Pre-Party raised a total of $2,626 with a net profit of $1,426!  In total, there were:

  • 60 tickets sold online = $1,705
  • 9 tickets sold at the door = $310
  • Raffle sales and cash donations = $435
  • Bar sales = $176 (A BIG thank you to V. Picasso for donating 50% of bar sales!)

Allie also discussed price points to sponsor a tree or wreath for Festival of Trees, which is another big fundraiser for JLCU.  The price points are as follows:

  Non-Member Rates JLCU Member Rates
6 ft. tree $750

($400 sponsorship fee + $350 decoration fee)


(no fee is self-decorating + $350 decoration fee)

4 ft. tree $500

($325 sponsorship fee + $175 decoration fee)


(no fee is self-decorating + $175 decoration fee)

36 in. wreath $250

($175 sponsorship fee + $75 decoration fee)


(no fee is self-decorating + $75 decoration fee)

30 in. wreath $150

($100 sponsorship fee + $50 decoration fee)


(no fee is self-decorating + $50 decoration fee)

Public Affairs and Advocacy
invited the members to join them at Cocktails and Conversation on Thursday, October 20th at El Toro on Neil Street from 6-8pm.  This event will help gear up for the upcoming election year by discussing important issues in our hometown regarding public policies and advocacy.  Champaign County Chamber of Commerce’s Public Policy Director, Garrett Hill, will also be joining.


Shining Star Award

JLCU couldn’t pick just one shining star this month!  Two awards were given out to well deserving members.

Beth Peralta was nominated for the award after stepping up to Co-Chair a committee when several members unexpectedly left JLCU.  Beth is already serving on another committee but didn’t hesitate to help out when needed!  Thanks, Beth!

The entire Bright Starts Committee was chosen as the second Shining Star recipient this month for their hard work this year and record numbers for groups.  Great job, ladies!

Project Development

Bright Starts Re-Proposal.  Bright Starts provides monthly preschool academic instruction and social-emotional skill building to children who are on a preschool waiting list and provides their parents/guardians with ideas to reinforce these skills at home.  During the summer of 2016, the Bright Starts committee developed a three-year plan that includes tracking the success of participants.  The committee also began open enrollment for all families and will be looking for ways to expand the program to Champaign.  The Committee concluded by recommending that Bright Starts be renewed for two more years while carrying out their three-year data collection plan (2016-17, 2018-18, 2018-19) and then be reviewed for next steps.

Housing and Homelessness was identified as the new project in development.  Statistics have shown that in previous years there were 555 to 697 school-aged children who were registered as homeless in Champaign County.  The Family Emergency Shelter opened in Champaign this summer and provides housing for 8 families at a time.  During that time, each family works with a case manager and when they are able (within 30-45 days) are transitioned out of the shelter, ideally to a home of their own.  JLCU can help this program by working to identify families ready to transition to a home of their home, working with local property owners to find affordable housing options, working with local agencies and non-profits to provide education about available resources monthly to families, and working with the Family Emergency Shelter and the United Way to collect assessment data to help for future funding options.  JLCU will be reviewing our Community Impact Statement and voting in the spring on this project.

Volunteer Activity!

JLCU members wrapped up the meeting by volunteering for one hour on a variety of projects.  Several members organized books in the library and various classrooms throughout Urbana Early Childhood School while others decorated bags for the Crisis Nursery Holiday Shop fundraiser.  All members present received one volunteer hour.


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