JLCU Awards Fall 2016 Community Assistance Fund Grants to Local Groups

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Community Assistance Fund (CAF) Grants are awarded twice per year to organizations and groups in the Champaign-Urbana area who demonstrate need and whose missions align with JLCU focus areas. JLCU focus areas include literacy, school preparedness, women, health and hunger, and child protection and welfare.

In October, we announced the seven recipients of a total of $1,750 in CAF grants.

The recipients are:

Below we highlight some of our inspirational awardees:

Crisis Nursery, originally a JLCU project, provides emergency, 24/7/365 childcare to children and families in our community. In 2015 alone, they provided 29,982 hours of crisis care for 886 children. Crisis Nursery is the only nursery of its kind and does not have income eligibility or fees. It is a beacon of safety, strength, and confidence for the Champaign-Urbana community. The large print stories they’ve requested assistance with purchasing will give younger children the opportunity to read and learn along with caregivers.

The Reading Group is a not-for-profit learning center that provides evaluations, focused learning, and lifelong benefits to students and families. With a specialization in dyslexia, they work with young and older students to improve listening and readiness skills, test-taking, spelling, handwriting, and comprehension. The Reading Group is the longest running non-profit learning center in our area, and the funding for new assessment kits will help them identify needs and serve students better.

Girls Go For It focuses on developing the leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and professional abilities of young girls and women by building confidence, knowledge, and creating opportunities. Their eight week program shows young girls how to develop safe environments, career plans, and how to bring their new skills and abilities into their everyday life and future.

Junior League of Champaign-Urbana is proud and excited to support these community organizations. If you or an organization you work with needs support and would like to apply for future CAF grants, you can find information and position statements here.


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