JLCU March General Membership Meeting Recap

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Thank you to all the members who attending presentations and events with Vicki Clark last month. We hope she left you feeling inspired, motivated, and ready to work!

Look at What You’ve Accomplished!

Do you remember our September meeting?
We wrote down goals for our year in Junior League, and next month at the April General Membership meeting, they will be returned to you to see if we’ve accomplished our goals. JLCU’s goal was to keep you informed and excited about Junior League. Do you think we have been successful?

Done in a Meeting

Did you know that 1 in 5 families Champaign County cannot afford enough wipes and diapers for their babies and children? They often have to forego other basic necessities due to the cost of diapers. The Bottom Line Diaper Bank provides low-income families with the diapers and wipes they need, and BLDB needs our help! Thank you to all the members who brought in diapers for donation. If you didn’t bring a donation to the meeting, you can check out their website and find a drop off location in town.


March New Members 2017

In March, JLCU activated approximately 35 new members.  Many of the now-active members posed for a group photo. We are excited to see your placements for next year and the great work you will do!

Upcoming Events

  • Kids in the Kitchen-Teen Night is 3/16 from 5:30-7:30 at the Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club. We will have 25 teens in attendance, a full meal, trivia, and tons of fun.
  • Spring Fling Dinner on April 28 from 6:30-9:30 p.m. at Willow Creek Farm. Tickets are $100 per guest or $775 for a table of eight. Ticket price includes a three course meal, wine, and farm tours. You can purchase tickets through the JLCU website!

Shining Stars

GMM SHining Star Mar
Kristen Sackley, left, presented Shining Star awards to Donna Cockburn, Laura Gerhold, and Lonndon Blake, of the Community Impact Council.

Denise Poindexter nominated the members of the Community Impact Council and recognized their hard work representing JLCU and the quality of care for the community. Congratulations, ladies!

Putting Your Thinking Caps On!

At the May GMM we’ll be recognizing community and JLCU members with awards, and we need nominations. There will be scholarship awards to high school women committed to volunteerism, school activities, and leadership.

The Elizabeth Alexander Spirit Award is for any new or active member who is dedicated to the JLCU mission both in JLCU and in the community. The Sustainer Community Impact Award is for a current Sustainer who has continued to positively influence her community using JLCU training. Finally, the Jen Smith Living Legendary Award is for any active, sustaining, or community member who demonstrates “living legendary” while being an advocate for a cause that betters the welfare of women in their community.

Who will you nominate? Submissions are due by April 21st and can be submitted through the website.

Notice Anything New?

The JLCU website has been updated! It’s a new, streamlined, beautiful platform, and we can’t wait for you to explore and discover all the great new features. You can purchase event tickets, submit nominations for shining stars or other awards, connect to the AJLI website, and more! There’s even a mobile app called “Seeing Spots” where you can easily connect to your account and sign up, check out, and enjoy all the activities and events.

Through AJLI you can purchase Junior League goodies AND find discounts on tons of great things like car rentals, flowers, and spa retreats! Just connect through your JLCU account (no separate log in needed, just hit “AJLI log in” in the corner) and look under “Services” and “Benefits for You!”


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