JLCU Member Spotlight: Erin Tarr

Erin Tarr
Erin Tarr

If you don’t know Erin Tarr yet, you’re missing out; she has big plans and even more enthusiasm!

Erin joined Junior League last summer after Jenette Jurczyk, our president-elect, told her about the organization. “It immediately connected that this would be the best fit for me since I am all about women lifting up and encouraging other women.”

In her spare time, Erin’s organization, Be the Benchmark, helps set young women and girls up for success. Through 1:1 mentoring, weekly goal groups for teen girls, monthly Fierce Girls’ Fridays (for 3rd-8th graders), and an annual International Day of the Girl event, Erin gives them the skills, tools, and knowledge to be courageous, wise, healthy, and happy. Like Junior League, Be the Benchmark is setting us up to change the world!

Erin has just finished her provisional year, and she was able to help organize the Kids in the Kitchen Teen Night at the Don Moyer Boy’s and Girl’s Club. Giving teens the chance to learn, cook, and enjoy the “fruits” of their labor was hugely rewarding. When asked to provide guidance to new provisional members, Erin said “make connections with your new member ‘classmates’ outside of meetings as much, and as early as possible…those are the bonds that multiply the fun of every JLCU event and activity!”

Erin is now getting ready to take on the Writing/Publication/Media Committee as chair. During the next year in Junior League, Erin plans to focus on improving and refining our communication to help the community learn more about our impact, vision, and goals. With the new Community Partnerships Project, her committee will have a lot of wonderful activities and impact to write about next year. Joint efforts with the Project Development Committee could lead to greater community awareness and involvement in JLCU’s work.

To keep up to date on Be the Benchmark’s special events, follow them on Facebook or visit


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